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Yes, you can book all kind of pest services online with our website> Services>Book online.
Pest Control takes Minimum 30 minutes to be done, but some time it depends on your pest areas. So the Maximum the pest control takes is 2-3 hours to be done.
The product our pest controller uses is safe for your family, children and pets. We also can recommend non-chemical Treatments options.
We have different charges according to the services and your home [2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK] space.
No, bedbugs aren’t dangerous but, still their bites can leave itching, red marks which can be infected by starching.
In most of case it’s not necessary to leave your house, but if it becomes necessary for you to be outside During a Treatment, we will inform you in advance as per your convenience.
Sometimes, the results are immediate. Sometimes, they’re not. For example, in the case of rodent and cockroaches, the result will take a longer, anywhere from a day or two, to two weeks.